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To best explain my feelings for Recliners , I should simply explain that I am addicted to them. I have spinal cord problem, so it is not possible for me to sit for longer periods. But , the recliners which they provided has just solved my problem so easily. It has a very comfortable backrest that can be tilted back. So I am basically sitting straight all the time and backbone problem is solved as I can rest back comfortably just like that. The best part is that I can fall asleep on this comfortable piece of furniture. I have been using it for 9 months from now, and its performance is A1 . Now I have replaced my sofaset with this piece of heaven . They have various different material types to offer for the sofa. I had bought leather ones, so easy to maintain. I must say I was tired of the outdated 3 seater with single/ two seater setups. I highly recommend it :

Style wise : 5/5

Comfort wise : 5/5

Maintenance wise : 5/5

Space saving : 5/5

Value for money : 5/5

I have come across many recliner brands. But , this is a star among them all.

Lot of thanks to Basudev wood to provide me the best recliner sofa set in an affordable price.

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