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The Basudev Group is a diversified company built on the foundation of long-term client relationships. We are committed to providing exceptional service to both individual consumers and businesses alike.

Our Diverse Offerings:

  • Manufacturing & Retailing: We take pride in crafting and offering top-quality furniture products.

  • Franchise & Dealership Network: We bring international home décor brands to Odisha through our established franchise and dealership network.

  • Commercial Real Estate: We specialize in building, leasing, and maintaining commercial spaces to meet the needs of corporations and businesses.

A Legacy of Trust in Odisha:

For decades, the Basudev Group has been a trusted name in Odisha. We have earned the support of private and government entities, consistently exceeding expectations with our commitment to seamless and high-quality services.

Serving All Sectors:

Our dedication to quality extends to both private and public sectors. We have a proven track record of successfully serving various government organizations and private institutions.

Partnering for Your Success:

The Basudev Group is more than just a service provider; we are your partner in success. Let us help you create a beautiful and functional space, or find the perfect furniture solutions for your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve you.

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Basudev Wood private limited

Basudev Wood Private Limited (BWPL), Odisha's furniture leader since 1996, creates exceptional pieces for homes and businesses. We understand furniture reflects your style.

For over 20 years, we've built a reputation for exceptional quality using premium materials and traditional craftsmanship. We offer customization, design services, and material selection, catering to both businesses and individual clients. Every piece, from office furniture to dream home creations, tells a unique story.

From corporate offices to dream homes, BWPL has the answer. We offer consultations, guide you through the selection process, and help you find the perfect furniture to transform your space. Let's build lasting relationships and create something special together.

Basudev Tower logo


Basudev Tower, Basudev Wood

These premium commercial buildings cater to diverse needs, providing fully furnished interiors, essential utilities like reliable electricity, fire safety systems, water supply, elevators, and air conditioning. Advanced security measures and efficient waste management systems provide peace of mind. Spacious floor plans with ample natural light and dedicated basement parking ensure a comfortable and productive work environment. Built to the highest standards and adhering to all government codes, Basudev Towers offer a safe and secure home for your business. With meticulous maintenance by the Basudev Group, you can focus on achieving success, while we ensure your workspace remains consistently professional and well-maintained. Choose a Basudev Tower and invest in the future of your business.

Basudev Towers, developed and meticulously maintained by the Basudev Group, offer a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking a modern and functional workspace.

Basudev holdings & property management logo
Basudev Holdings & Property management
Basudev holdings & property management, by Basudev Group
basudev tower
Basement firepipe settings by Basudev Group
Basudev Tower

Basudev Holdings & Property Management transforms dreams into reality. We're a dedicated developer crafting exceptional residential and commercial spaces, from semi-furnished to fully-furnished options. Adhering to all government standards, our well-designed constructions offer affordability and lasting value for your dream home or flourishing business. We go beyond construction, providing comprehensive property management services for both sectors, ensuring a well-maintained space for you to focus on what matters most. Partner with us – at Basudev Holdings, exceptional customer service guides you from initial consultation to final handover, making your real estate aspirations a thriving success.

Krishna Industries logo
krishna Industries
Krishna industries
Krishna Industries, Basudev Wood

Krishna Industries, the manufacturing arm of the Basudev Group, is the backbone of Odisha's quality furniture scene. We don't just craft exceptional furniture from high-grade materials using experienced artisans; we cater to customizations and fulfill large tenders for private, corporate, and government institutions. Our well-established warehousing with proper loading/unloading infrastructure ensures smooth logistics. As a vital supplier, Krishna Industries directly provides furniture to BWPL and other local retailers, offering a consistent flow of top-quality pieces to the Odisha market. Partner with us and experience the difference – invest in quality, customization, and seamless service.

Damro logo
Damro Bhubaneswar
Piyestra logo

Craving a home refresh with international flair? Furniture Center, a unit of Basudev Group, is a top 5 dealer in India, brings the world to Bhubaneswar! We're the proud Dealer & franchisee holder for Damro and Piyestra, renowned Sri Lankan brands with over 100 stores in India.

These brands champion elegant and affordable furniture crafted from sustainable, high-quality engineered wood – a beautiful alternative to traditional options. Damro's success hinges on exceptional quality, affordability, and outstanding service, while Piyestra injects international style with trendy pieces for every taste. Let our friendly staff guide you at our Damro and Piyestra outlets – discover the difference and transform your space with international quality and design.

Basudev group

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